A little bit about my blog

Hi! Im so happy you stopped by! Let me tell you a little bit about my blog and myself.

Im Lilly and Im a full time mommy and wife. As I was growing up, I had the privilege of always having my mom guide me as I was developing my kitchen skills and I want to be here for you as well! Here you will find recipes that 3 year olds can make (of course with an adults help) and anyone older. I believe that your are always growing and improving, that is why the name of my blog is Kitchen Development.

My main focus is on wholesome recipes with balanced nutrition. I grew up eating mostly a health centered diet. When I wasn’t eating healthy, parents would always remind me about it. Good thing my parents encouraged me to eat healthy since I was young because now I love everything healthy, especially fruits!

You will also find many of unhealthy recipes like cakes and cookies! They of course are a must in every household, especially on special occasions. I may not love to eat cake as much but I absolutely love to bake cakes! I could bake cakes everyday if they had zero calories because my husband and kids love cake!

When working on a new recipe I can always trust my kids on the taste test. They are so picky the food has to be 100% perfect for them to eat it. I usually don’t have a problem with them trying it but if its not to their liking they will spit it out. Gross I know! And of course I love that my husband always gives his honest opinion of my creations and always looks forward for me to create something new.

I Started this blog because…

Firstly, of my little sisters. They are learning to cooking and always call me asking for step by step instructions of some dish I used to make before I was married. I love helping them out, so I thought, why not create a blog dedicated to them of all the recipes that I know. I enjoy taking pictures and I enjoy making food but Im not much of a writer. So please forgive me for all the grammar mistakes and let me know I will fix them!

Plus, I also love to try new recipes out, especially when we go out to eat or buy something already prepared. I start guessing the ingredients and writing them down right away. Then making that dish so many times until my husband tells me its even better then what the restaurant served. Oh that always puts the biggest smile on my face!! Sometimes, I open the fridge and see what I have available and just start making something up, it probably sounds weird but let me tell you, some of the most delicious meals come from the most random ingredients.

A little bit about me

Originally, Im from Ukraine. I have five sisters and one brother. Im the second oldest and I have been pretty much the cook of the family. I love fruits, chocolate, and cookies. In that order. I also really love to bake as I have already mentioned. Baked my first cake from scratch when I was nine (don’t worry, my mom was there right beside me). And after that cake turned out perfectly delicious and beautiful I thought I had the gift of baking. I was so hooked on cooking, I wanted to completely take my moms kitchen role away from her. Soon after, I learned not everything turns out perfect from the first time. Still, I never got discouraged and my parents were always there inspiring me to continue to practice and learn. Soon after, I started making full coursed meals for my family and even company.

When I got married, my husband has been so encouraging in every step of the way and helping me in the kitchen from time to time. He also likes cooking, but more like grilling. So I consider myself pretty lucky because if I want to take a day off, he always helps me out by grilling something like grilled chicken, grilled mushrooms, and grilled potato. Thats a whole meal! We now have two little toddlers running around the house always looking for something to do and something yummy to eat. I try to involve them in everything if they are interested, and they love helping me in the kitchen.

So you probably figured out my constant battle, wanting to always bake and keep my family healthy at the same time. So I try to balance it out, baking cakes and sweets only on special occasions. Sometimes, I will make a healthy dessert but I’m not into substitutions because fat-free and/or sugar-free dessert just does not taste as good as a normal one.  I hope you will find my recipes helpful to you as I document my kitchen development.